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Artist Representation:

Berlin Klassik Artist Management provides comprehensive representation services to talented musicians, singers, and other performers. Our services include career management, contract negotiation, marketing and promotion, and more.

Event Planning:

We assist with the planning and execution of cultural events, such as concerts, recitals, and exhibitions. Our services involve identifying suitable venues, coordinating with event organizers, and managing logistics.

Tour Management:

We help artists plan and execute tours, both nationally and internationally. Our services include booking venues and transportation, coordinating with promoters, and managing the tour schedule.

Record Label Services:

We offer record label services to musicians, including recording, production, distribution, and promotion of albums and singles.

Education and Outreach:

We offer education and outreach services to help promote the arts and encourage participation in cultural events. Our services involve organizing workshops, masterclasses, and other educational programs for both artists and audiences.

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