The Austrian Brass Consort was founded in 2017 by a group of young musicians in Vienna to reinterpret spiritual and secular vocal literature with brass instruments. In doing so the musicians go back to the origins of instrumental music, when instruments doubled the singing voices of the choir to later replace them entirely. It is a novelty to do this with modern brass instruments. Therefore, the Austrian Brass Consort could also be described as a pioneer in this field. Through incorporation of ten brass players from tuba to piccolo trumpet and one percussionist, they are able to showcase the entire range of the brass sound. With their interpretations, the ensemble always strives for the seemingly weightless sound of a vocal ensemble. With their unique arrangements they shape it into a fascinating and varied performance.

The individual pieces of the respective programs are selected in advance and put into thematic context through connection to a story, fairy tale or a musical journey, thus leaving the paths of common concert practice and giving the audience a better understanding of the music in a creative way. With this idealism, the Austrian Brass Consort was able to capture the audience right from the beginning.


Artists manager